Restaurant: Morimoto

On 10th Avenue in the meat packing district of New York and not very far from Diane Von Furstenberg’s flagship store, is the Iron Chef Morimoto’s restaurant named, “Morimoto”. As you walk in, there is a staircase leading down and on the right is a wall that seems to be bottoms of a soda bottles that was illuminated from the other side reminiscent of one my childhood toys called “Litebrite” but in elegant and modern way. There were white curtains and glass partitions separating sections of the restaurant, which reminded me of Delamo in South Beach, Florida. The interior felt like I was dining inside a tent.

I was very excited because I get to taste food created by an Iron Chef for the first time. I was big fan of the show “Iron Chef”, a show I watched on the Food Network. Now, I get the try it.

First, the sushi menu is moderately priced. I did order Uni (sea urchin) and the market price was $22 a piece. The maki (rolls) are between 6 to 15 dollars. I ordered the seasonal Yellowtail Jalapeno Maki (asparagus tempura, kaga miso, yuzu pickled jalapeño ) which was $25.00. Surprisingly, it was just okay. I’ve had better rolls at Nobu which is IRONic because he was once the executive chef at Nobu. My first course cost $45.00 which a maki (roll) and one nigiri (one piece of sushi).

It was followed by Wagyu Beef Carpaccio with yuzu soy, ginger, sweet garlic. This was delicious and beautifully plated. Each thinly slice of wagyu beef melted in my mouth.

For my main course, I had Ishi Yaki Bop, rice dish prepared table side in a hot stone bowl buri (king yellowtail). If you like the bibimbap, a traditional Korean dish, then it was that – a bibimbap with yellowtail. The dish was delicious and the preparation added excitement to the service. Maybe, I should have ordered the Duck, Duck, Duck.

I did pair the meal with Morimoto Premium saki flight. This came with 3 different saki. Followed by morimotini which contains wasabi infused reyka vodka, sake, lemongrass, cucumber.

The meal burned my wallet at $140 for 3 courses including two beverages. In conclusion, I expected more from an iron chef. However, may be I just set my expectation way too high. Don’t get me wrong, the food is good. However, all that Iron Chef stuff is just all hype. For $170 on Mondays, may be I should of done the Morimoto sailing cruise. If it is in the cards, I will try Moromoto again but I will skip the sushi menu. I will stick with the main dinner menu.

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