Restaurant: Nom Sushi Izakaya

Nom is located in downtown Pensacola, at 410 S Palafox St, Pensacola, FL 32502. It’s around the corner from Jackson Steakhouse – a diamond waiting to be discovered in a small city/town like Pensacola.

Basically, the first word in it’s name describes it all. Nom. Nom. Nom! However, if you must know the word izikaya is a Japanese word for an informal pub. It is a compound word of i (meaning to stay) and sakaya (meaning sake shop).

I just want to eat everything in the menu. It reminds a little bit of Nobu and Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills. It is that good. I always ask their daily specials, and more than likely I end up ordering one. The last time I was there, they had uni (sea urchin) prepared 3 different ways. One was nigiri. The other was on a spoon. The third was a tempura fried roll with raw scallops and uni (no rice). Uni is an acquired taste, and I love that I acquired a taste for it. It is literally tasting the ocean. Lately, the market price for uni is high, so thread carefully. Ask what the market price is.

On their regular menu, the spicy tuna rice cakes is like the Tuna rice crisps at Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills. Each bite is heaven. The mini tuna tacos are also lovely with spicy tuna, lump crab, guacamole, and green apple and diakon slaw. This reminds me of tuna tacos served at Nobu in Beverly Hills. The steam buns with pork belly is delicious. Their ramen is made in house fresh every day. It so delicate, that they only recommend serving it dine-in only.

My strict low carb life style is preventing me from devouring this place; however, I do treat myself once in awhile. I go here or the pizza place up the street, whenever I have a carb-reset day. They do have a roll called “the artisan” that is low carb as long as I order it with the sauce on the side because it a sushi roll with no rice. I work across the street, I would order this roll for lunch… a minimum of two rolls.

So, I just recently saw on the menu that they offer a cher’s tasting menu. Oh-oh, that means I have another reason to go to Nom!

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